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an Artist

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Bahram Hajou

Born in 1952

1978-84 studies at the Kunstakademie Münster 

Lives and works in Münster and New York

Bahram Hajou‘s path to painting was a winding one. Born in Deruna, northern Syria, in 1952, he went to Iraq in the 1970s and began to study Civil Engineering in Nauperdan und Sulemanie in 1972. Just a year later he moved to Baghdad to study Art. In 1974 he fled from the war via Prague to Berlin. 


From 1976 onwards he studied in Münster. Initially he enrolled for Archaeology at the University of Münster, then in 1977 he changed to the College of Education to study Sports and Art. In 1983 he completed his studies and graduated. Following a brief period of teaching at the Gesamtschule Ückendorf, a comprehensive school in Gelsenkirchen, he has devoted himself to fine arts since the early 1990s....


dates & Exhibitions

1983 Museum Bochum (Germany)

1984 Kulturzentrum Arnheim (The Netherlands)

1985 Pfarrerzentrum Muenster (Germany)

1986 Schloss Villa Winkel, Ochtrup (Germany)

1986 Design Zander, Emsdetten (Germany)

1987 Museum Bochum (Haus Kemnade) (Germany)

1990 1. Price, Quadrat (Josef Albers-Museum), Bottrop (Germany)

1990 Le Centre Culturel Regional Wallon, Liège (Belgium)

1991 Stadttheater, Muenster (Germany)

1991 Galerie AAI, Wien (Austria)

1992 Kuenstler Haus, Graz (Austria)

1993 World Circuit Arts, Kufa Gallery, London (U.K.)

1993 Galerie Artforum, Wien (Austria)

1993 Galerie Frankenstein, Berlin,(Germany)

1993 Helderse Kunstliga, Den Helder (the Netherlands)

1993 Wohnpark am Tibusplatz, Muenster (Germany)

1994 VHS Muenster (Germany)

1994 Kunsthaus Pinx, Bochum (Germany)

1994 Internationale Kunstausstellung, Budapest (Hungary)

1995 Galerie Artopia, New York (USA)

1996 Kunsthalle der Dominikaner Kirche, Osnabrueck (Germany)

1997 Hessische Landesvertretung, Bonn (Germany)

1997 Stadttheater Brandenburg (Germany)

1997 Arco Budapest (Hungary)

1997 Breitbach Gallery, Unna (Germany)

1998 AKAD art, Stuttgart (Germany)

1998 Art Frankfurt/Main (Germany)

1998 Art Duesseldorf (Germany)

1999 Gy Crété Galerie, Paris (France)

1999 Regierungspraesident, Münster (Germany)

1999 Rathaus, Wiesbaden (Germany)

1999 Galerie Koenig, Muenster (Germany)

1999 Kultur und Skulpturenpark, Katzow (Germany)

1999 Galerie Kunsthaus Pinx, Bochum (Germany)

1999 Kreishaus Gutersloh (Germany)

1999 Zentrum Axept in Koenigslutter (Germany)

2000 Kunst Uta Dingethal, Merklingen (Germany)

2000 Galerie Koenig, Muenster (Germany)

2000 Kunstwerkstatt, Cloppenburg (Germany)

2000 Foyer Rathaus, Wiesbaden (Germany)

2000 Foyer Bezirksregierung Muenster (Germany)

2000 Skulpturenpark Katzow (Germany)

2001 Kunsthalle Ahlen (Germany)

2001 OFD Muenster (Germany)

2001 Neue Galerie im Artforum, Offenburg Germany)

2001 Kunsthalle Offenburg Germany)

2001 Kulturspeicher Oldenburg (Germany)

2002 Staatliches Museum Wien (Austria)

2002 Galerie Kunstfabrik, Duesseldorf (Germany)

2002 Wissenschaftspark Gelsenkirchen (Germany)

2002 BRH Bonn (Germany)

2003 Galerie Blau , Palma d. Mallorca (Spain)

2003 Museum Krakau (Poland)

2003 Kulturspeicher Oldenburg (Germany)

2003 Artfactum Antalya (Turkey) 2004 Stadthalle Kamen (Germany)

2004 Kunstraeume Norbert Bauer, Velbert-Langenberg (Germany)

2004 Kunstmesse Osnabrueck - Impulse (Germany)

2004 Haus der Kamener Stadt Geschichte, Kamen (Germany)

2004 Art House Gallery Damascus (Syria)

2005 Galerie Kreuziger, Worbswede (Germany)

2005 Galerie Zeugma, Cologne, (Germany)

2005 Atassi Gallery, Dubai (U.A.E.)

2006 Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover (Germany)

2006 Galerie Holbein, Hannover (Germany)

2006 Galerie Carolyn Heinz, Hamburg (Germany)

2006 Galerie Al Hiwar, Riadh (Saudi Arabien)

2006 Kunstkompakt 4, Gladbeck (Germany)

2007 Galerie Zeugma, Cologne (Germany)

2007 Galerie Green Art, Dubai (U.A.E.)

2007 Galerie Michael Nolte, Muenster (Germany)

2007 art club kunstverein, Burgwedel/Isernhagen (Germany)

2008 Hewar Art Gallery - Total Arts Gallery in the courtyard - Dubai

2008 Museum for modern Art, Latakia (Syria)

2008 Kunstkompakt 5, Gladbeck (Germany)

2008 Galerie Zeugma, Cologne (Germany)

2008 Kunsthandel Antonia v. Fraunberg, Düsseldorf (Germany)

2008 1. Price Meditterane Artbiennale in Trogir, Croatia (Symposion)

2008 Art House Gallery Damascus (Syria)

2009 Artfestival Amman, Jordan (Symposion)

2009 Artfestival Patra, Greece (Symposion)

2009 Karim Gallery, Amman (Jordan)

2010 Art House Gallery Damascus (Syria)

2010 Aida Cherfan Fine Art Gallery in Beirut

2010 Galerie Kula (Museum Split/Kroatien)

2012 Museum Cotemporary Art (Bratislava) Danubiana

2013 Galerie Ludwig Trossaert (Antwerp - Belgium)

2013 Galerie GNG Gilles Naudine, Paris

2013 White Box Gallery, New York

2014 Art House Wien, Austria

2014 Henry Matisse Price, Château Musée Grimaldi, France

2014 Galerie Ludwig Trossaert (Antwerp - Belgium)

2015 Galerie GNG, Paris, France

2015 Kunsthaus Langenberg e.V. Alldie Kunst (Norbrt Bauer), Langenberg/Düsseldorf (D)

2015 Office Kleine Galerie (Art against violence) Wien/Viena (A)

2015 Art Élysées (Petit Palace, Paris) (F)

2015 Art Fair, Istanbul contemporary, Istanbul (TR)

2016 Foyer des Stadttheters Münster/Germany (D)

2016 Galerie Karsi Sanat´ta, Istanbul (TR)

2016 Galerie Ludwig Trossaert Antwerp (B)

2016 Sollefteå konst förening, (S)

2016 Überkopf Kunstbegegnen, Münster (D)

2016 Palagio Contemporaneo, (I)

2017 Kulturcentrum in Manama – Bahrain

2017 Art Karlsruhe, Gallerie Gilles Naudin, Paris (F)

2017 Karim Gallery, Amman (JORDAN)

2018 Gallery Merkhie, Doha, (QAT)

2018 Art Fair Beirut, Aida Cherfan (LBN)

2019 Opera House el BAB, Kairo (EGY)

2019 Paris Art Fair, Overhead Gallery, Paris (F)

2019 Art Fair Beirut, Gallery Karim (LBN)

2019 Franz-Hitze-Haus, Münster (G)

2019 Nachtbrötchen 1.0, Overhead Gallery, Düsseldorf, (G)

2019 Galeria K, Mallorca, (ESP)

2020 Art Karlsruhe, Soloshow, Overhead Gallery, (G)

2020 Nachtbrötchen Drive In, Overhead Gallery, Köln, (G)

2020 Galeria Pryzmat, Krakau (PL)

2020 Nachtbrötchen 2.0, Overhead Gallery, Düsseldorf, (G)


Catalogs · expertises

bahram hajou
bahram hajou
vis a vis
Bahram Hajou
helpless- ness and happiness are close
the master of over-
Santé Mentale
Ut poesis pictura
Dieter m.keiner-bahram hajou
Artikel Miroir
de l'Art

Bahram Hajou
Am Hawerkamp 31
48155 Münster / Germany


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Catalogs · expertises

bahram hajou
bahram hajou
vis a vis
Bahram Hajou
Im Dialog
helpless- ness and happiness are close
the master of over-
Santé Mentale
Katalog Kra_kau_2020-1.jpg
The haunting imagery of the painter
Ut poesis pictura
Dieter m.keiner-bahram hajou
Artikel Miroir
de l'Art
  • 1990 - Bahram - with texts by Dr. Reinhard Hasseider

  • 1990 - Bahram Quadrat - with texts by Dr. Dieter Büter

  • 1997 - Bahram - with texts by Bachar Isa, Prof. Dr. Christoph Miething und Malva

  • 2000 - Bahram Dialog - with texts by Prof. Dr. Christoph Miething

  • 2002 - Bahram Menschenbilder - from Oberfinanzdirektion Münster with texts by

  •            Prof. Dr. Christoph Miething and Dr. Dieter Büter

  • 2006 - Dialogs - Hewar Art Gallery with texts by Dr. Dieter M. Keiner

  • 2009 - Bahram Retrospective - ADIB-Verlag Amman Jordanien, ISBN: 978-9957-514-03-7

  • 2010 - Bahram - Ustanova u Kulturi, Galerie Kula (Museum Split/Kroatien)

  • 2012 - Bahram with texts by Rudi Fred Linke, RUDIFREDLINKEGALERIE, Münster

  • 2018 - Bahram Hajou - The Haunting Imagery Of The Painter, Binoche Fine Art, New York 

  • 2018 - Bahram - Vis-a-Vis with texts by Stephan Trescher, Hania Zawaneh, H. E. Alfred Simms-Protz

  • 2020 - Bahram - The haunting imagery of the painter, Galeria Pyzmat